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Election 2020 Countdown: Social Workers Can Get Out the Vote

This Web event will feature leaders from CSWE, social work programs, voting rights activists, and leaders from the National Social Work Voter Mobilization Campaign who have launched the Voting Is Social Work campaign.

Programs will highlight their activities that help drive voter engagement, and speakers will highlight free resources that make it easy for students and faculty members to organize voter registration programs. This program is ideal for supporting the core values within our Code of Ethics, namely the importance of human relationships, service, and social justice.

·     Voting is a human right, but not everyone can or knows how to access that right.

·     Voting can improve the political power of clients and communities;

·     Voting determines who sets policies regarding racial, social, and economic justice at the city, state, and federal levels.


For more information, contact info@votingissocialwork.org.


September 29, 2020
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm